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Punjab Renewable Energy Systems Private Limited (PRESPL) is the ‘Leading Indigenous’ Indian Entrepreneurcum-Contributor in Biomass Supply Chain Management, since 2011. PRESPL has served the Farmers and the Industry with amicable Bio-Energy and Biomass Supply Chain solutions through acceptable business models; while enabling the Villagers to gain entrepreneurial acumen. PRESPL has spearheaded the Biomass Sphere by contributing to Policy Making, Technology Enhancements and has also taken up intricate and detailed Biomass Assessment Studies, across the spectrum of India and some abroad. Our forte is creation of Biomass Supply Chain by enabling Village Level Entrepreneur and Channel Partners; with supply of Raw Biomass, Briquettes and Pellets. We also undertake Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT), long tenor contracts to supply Steam and Electricity. PRESPL also undertakes Supply Chain Management and/ or O&M for Power, Co-Generation, Bio-Gas, Bio-CNG, Bio-Ethanol Plants and other Bio-Fuels etc.