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Social Benefits

Job Creation

  • Significant job creation in unskilled and semi skilled sectors in India; depending on the scale of production

Enhancement of Rural Sector

  • Through Channel Partner Programme & VLE Model, PRESPL is helping farmers earn extra income from the sale of Agri-residue

Financial Inclusion

  • Assisted approximately 500 VLEs in setting up their bank accounts and enable them to receive services from banks directly with Digital transfer to all suppliers

Awareness Program For Villagers

  • Organise various awareness programs for villagers like healthcare camps, banking assistance, education drives etc

Environmental Benefits

  • Use of biomass is more environment friendly as it is carbon neutral. Biomass power plants also have lower GHG emissions

Additional Source of Revenue

  • Additional source of revenue to farmers through sale of the feedstock which otherwise used to be burnt

Skills Development

  • Training to rural youth & women to acquire necessary skills in biomass aggregation, processing supply from farms to the industry