Build Own Operate & Transfer (BOOT)

PRESPL is moving to provide energy service in BOOT Basis where we will invest in Boiler & Auxiliaries & deliver Uninterrupted Steam Supply.

Client will enter in to a long term Energy Rental Contract (ERC) with PRESPL for a period of minimum 10 years. On expiry of contract, client may either buy the facility (at depreciated book value) or extend the contract of buying steam at renegotiated mutually agreed terms. This unique model guarantees : -

  • Saving of Capital Investment for Boilers and Accessories.
  • All additional benefits of Utility Steam Supply Contracts including major reduction costs, freeing up of manpower & increased efficiency of the system in entirely with responsibility shifting to PRESPL to client.
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Punjab Renewable Energy System Pvt. Ltd. (PRESPL) was incorporated in 2011 to meet the fuel requirements of Bio-Energy Projects through Biomass Supply Chain Management (SCM) in an organised manner.

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